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Songs for Alan Turing

by Binærpilot

Mogadishu 03:31
Feed your children fear So they will not starve In all this misery you have created
PH34R 02:38
Russia 03:47
Please use reason not emotion That house is not worthy your devotion There is nothing that cannot be spoken It's no home that leaves you bruised and broken In this space, I can't feel you In this dark, I can't see you I know you're mesmerized by the rain But only you can make the sun rise again All those thoughts are empty of hope All those lies lied coiled around your throat When these gray roads fade to black Sell the necklace, and never look back
Paranoia 04:13
There is a light that only comes on at night It speaks a language only spoken once There is a law regulates circumstance It makes us hunger for starvation
These two minutes Are all you'll ever know When you shut down Does it hurt you so? Sometimes I cry For what I do to you But you are not afraid One push and you start anew
Pageantry 02:56
You are so magical Just not magical enough You are so beautiful Just not beautiful enough How can you put us through All the things that broke you We're too young for this show You need to let your failures go
We're going on a trip to the stars, Where we can be free of this earth, We'll wash away all your scars, There's nothing here for you but hurt Free of this earth


Dedicated to Alan Turing.


released October 3, 2021

Cover art by Horsenburger




Binærpilot Norway

Neurodivergent Dance

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