Due to our symbiotic state, the memories of my host have begun seeping through. It comes to me in vivid fragments, saturated with the hopes and ideas of human adolescence. How beautiful it is to aspire, how delicate a process it is to construct an identity through pieces of idolatry and inspiration. Now, these are all memories I am happy to share. Reflections on abandonment, opposition, but most of all joy. Don't forget to dance.

Dedicated to my father, Bjarne Støver, the self-proclaimed only white man with rhythm.

Produced by Peter Andersen, Anthony Lavado, Jonas Braathen, Tom Richmond, Jeremy Oduber, Daniel Reed, Cord Altes,, Vegard Smelror Åmdal, L. Michelle Brown, Nicolas Kokot, Espen Didriksen, Patrick Løseth, John Bethencourt, warpr, Joshua Wangler, Georg Neumann, Anders Ruud, Robin Gillam, Piotr Madejski, Ratticon, Joe Bain, Mathias Sivertsen, Alexander Köhn,, Frederick Smith, Raphael Baltuth, Dimitrios Giakouvakis, Fredrik Nordmoen, Taivo Lints, Christian Remy, Thomas Wines, Stefano Cavallari, Steffan Kjellbergvik, DJ Golytely, Brynjar Rongved, Magne Ødegaard Tysdahl, CYBORG T-REX, Magnus Slinning Aarsæther, Are Hoel, Alex Chambers, Kilian McMahon, Kenneth Arcieri, Thomas Bergheim, Einar Afiouni, Robert Rothermel III, Jean-Hadrien Chabran, burzmet, Nathan Weaver, Rex Ronny, Hallvard Kristiansen, Johan Fosgerau Stærk Laursen, Andreas Parschalk, Michaël Betsch, Sveinung Ryan, Patrick Brown, Raymond Lullius Olsen, Andreas Løhre, John Painter, Etienne Borel, Jérémy Lavarenne, Alex Beard, Kenneth Karlsen, Lars-Erik Opdal, Zanfarix The Arcanist, Shane Lilley, Aminosäure, David Übler, Xavier Gillard and Anonymous.

Artwork by the amazingly talented Are Kleivan.

"With ten tracks filling forty-two-plus minutes with Awesome, Nordland is a very entertaining, and dance-inducing album!" — Alexander Kramer

"There is not a single track on the album that I wouldn't listen to on repeat mode." — Megachad