Hello friend

I make music because I love to. I don't want to be famous, I don't want to make a lot of money, all I want is to keep making music and share it with everyone. Especially devs, hackers and other nerds.

Hoping one day to create something truly unique.
Something out of this world.

All truly great music is art, so that's what I strive to do; Create art. Failing more often than not, but the ambition is there. Some songs are definitely more about dancing, but there is a piece of me in every track. Fuck the popollution.

I hope you enjoy my work, and that you find a genuine connection.

Shout outs to elektronaut, Microhertz, 8bitpeoples, Bit Shifter, Paza, Bacalao, Ponas, Liquid Stranger, Draug, Dave NICE, Buddy Pitch, Goto80, nullsleep, Sabrepulse, Saskrotch, Henry Homesweet, gwem, trash80, impakt, Meneo, C-Men, Covox, Buskerdroid, Steve, and everyone in the scene.

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